For my "exertainment" gaming I've been taking a break from the Dance Dance Revolution games and I went back to the Just Dance series for a change, in particular Just Dance 2 on Wii. I'm surprised it's been some four and a half years since I first posted about the game. Reading my old post I'm surprised I spoke so positively about it, because although I did have a very positive impression of the game overall, I did have some frustrations with it as well.

Perhaps my surprise is due to my current experience coloring my judgement of the game, though. This time around I focused on getting the highest rank (scores over 100k = 5 stars) in the songs I played, whereas last time I'd been content just to get the 4 star ranking in all the songs. Getting the highest rankings generally takes a lot of trial and error, even when you've adjusted to the fact that the game doesn't want you to match the hand movements of the on-screen choreography; instead you're expected to keep your hand as a fist holding the Wii remote. There were quite a few songs where even after many repeated attempts I was still unable to figure out how the game wanted me to perform some of the moves. The game categorizes songs into three levels on the "sweat" meter, and oddly enough getting the top ranking on the sweat level three songs is way easier than on the sweat level one songs. The reason is because there are many more movements, so if you can't figure out what the game wants you to do for one or two sections you can still make up the points in the other sections. For the lower sweat level songs you really have to be able to get "Good" or "Perfect" ratings on pretty much all the moves, and there's little room for error. This requirement for perfection is frustrating in games in general, and pretty darn frustrating in this game in particular.

That said, the game was still fun overall, and so far I've been able to get the highest ranking on just over half of the game's 44 songs. This time around the choreography didn't bother me as much as last time, i.e. it either wasn't quite as cheesy as I remembered, or my tolerance for cheesy choreography has increased. It surprised me that the most recent iteration, Just Dance 2017, was not only released on Wii, a system that hasn't seen a game release in quite some time, but that that version of the game was the best selling of all the platforms it was released on, at least for its first week. I enjoyed my time with this game enough this time around that I actually picked up its immediate sequel, Just Dance 3. I'm really not expecting much from it in the way of innovation, but at least it'll be nice to have a new set of songs to sweat to (and look like an idiot to, haha).

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