I'd heard about Muscle March even before it came out more than seven years ago, but I'd been a little torn about getting it even though it's only $5 since I knew it was a joke type of game and wouldn't have much longevity. I ended up giving in and getting it anyway. Although the game didn't exceed my expectations, as a joke game this one-trick pony still provides a lot of laughs, in particular when thrust upon unsuspecting friends.

The premise of Muscle March is simple: move the Wiimote and nunchuk in four different muscle poses to fit through silhouettes in a wall as you chase after a thief who's made away with your protein powder. The camp factor is sky high, perhaps only rivalled by the Cho Aniki series (which I haven't played, but have heard a bit about). The J-pop soundtrack is a draw, and two of the three settings (city and village) nicely evoke Japan as well (if you were wondering, the third setting is on a space station). The game only features nine stages, divided into groups of three. The third of each set is much tougher than the other two, and although practice may help, the lag between moving your arms and your character posing is significant. In its fastest moments getting by really feels more like a matter of luck than skill.

To round things out there's an endless mode that you can play single player or with up to three other people, each taking turns. In terms of finding out what the game's all about, watching a video online is pretty much equivalent to actually playing the game, but if you're looking for a game to shake up your gaming time with friends, this should definitely provide some wholesome and wacky entertainment.

Marching to a strange beat with these Muscle March links:
- Sadly, the official website is no longer up, but here's the page on Nintendo's site
- The game's launch trailer is awesome
- Apparently the game's soundtrack is available on iTunes
- The game's press release and ESRB rating summary are also entertaining. Apparently Bandai Namco also sent out speedos as a promo to reviewers.
- Entry on Wikipedia
- Review on NintendoLife
- Here's a cheat I found online (although I haven't tried it)

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