I'm finally posting about a new stint I've started, moonlighting as a contributor to the blog A Most Agreeable Pastime. I'd been a fan of the authors' previous blog, called 101 Video Games That Made My Life Slightly Better (I'm such a sucker for a list!), so I'm happy to be contributing to their follow-up blog.

I've been neglecting ye olde IVGA blog, but not because of my extracurricular activities. My plan is to keep my contributions to A Most Agreeable Pastime focused on collaboration articles and group discussions, and continue posting my reviews to this blog. I've been playing some longer games and pouring way too many hours into Fire Emblem Heroes, which is why I haven't posted recently, but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a quick game within the next couple of days.

In the meantime you can check out the first four (!) posts I've written/contributed to over at A Most Agreeable Pastime (not to mention a contributor bio). Here they are (in chronological order):
- The Top Ten Wii U Games
- E3 2017 hopes and dreams
- My E3 cheers and boos so far
- 5 memorable bits from E3 2017

Note that I won't be cross-posting in general, so if you want to hang onto my every word, you should probably subscribe to that blog's feed or follow its Twitter account. Happy reading!

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