In my post about contributing to the blog A Most Agreeable Pastime, I'd mentioned that I wouldn't be cross-posting in general, but I'm afraid I'm already going to have to make an exception. I'd already posted about Nintendo's smartphone game Fire Emblem Heroes, on this blog a few weeks after it was released, and I'd enjoyed the game but hadn't been wowed by it. But what a difference a few more months make! The game has steadily grown in features and, although there have been dips in my interest, overall my enjoyment of the game has just increased as time has gone on. My blog entry at A Most Agreeable Pastime goes into exhaustive (and probably exhausting) detail, but my concluding paragraph sums up my current feelings:

    Intelligent Systems is one of my favorite developers, and contrary to my initial expectations the game is actually so much fun and addictive that I’ve added it to my list of Favorite Games of All Time. I’m skeptical that the game can continue to keep my attention for another year, but I’m also looking forward to seeing what Intelligent Systems has up their sleeves.

In the few weeks since that post was written there haven't been any major announcements of new features, so I'm in a steady state of trying to put in the minimum time required to keep up with whatever the current missions are. I'm sure when new characters I like are added my interest will be reinvigorated, but for now I'm happy to keep chugging along without having to sink too much time in the game. Which hopefully will free me up to finally finish other games I've been ignoring for far too long!

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