This is a quickie review of Astro Bears Party, a random Switch eShop game I picked up on as a reco from an acquaintance. The recommendation came with the caveat that the game is primarily a multiplayer experience and that you should only pick it up when it's on sale; it's listed at $4.49 but is often on sale for a couple of bucks.

Anyway, I picked it up somewhat on a whim, and although the game is severely limited, I found it enjoyable nonetheless. The game takes at its base the central mechanic of Super Mario Galaxy, namely, running and hovering around the surface of a planetoid sphere. This game combined that with a Snake-like mechanic where your character's path appears as a solid line that you and your opponent have to avoid. In the single player mode you collect objects and try to survive as long as possible, whereas in the multiplayer mode (of up to four players) you try to outlast your opponents. The game includes four different bears, each with slightly different stats (bear run speed, turn speed, hover speed, and hover recharge speed).

The single player mode is okay, but the multiplayer mode is actually pretty fun. It's very "bear"-bones and the overall package basically feels more like an extended mini-game than a full experience. What content there is, however, is quite polished, and it's an easy to pick up and play multiplayer experience. This would be worth firing up as a warm-up to deeper multiplayer experiences during gaming sessions with friends. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to others, but I don't regret spending a couple of bucks on it either.

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