It should come as no surprise that even though I haven't been blogging, I've still been continuing to play Dance Dance Revolution games. I've been skipping around, so even though the last DDR game I blogged about was Dance Dance Revolution X, released on PlayStation 2 in 2008, I went back to where it all began, the original Dance Dance Revolution for PlayStation, which was the series' first North American home console release. I'd already played Konamix, the second PlayStation DDR game, and that one is based on the fourth arcade game's engine, whereas this one is based on the second arcade game's engine.

With that out of the way, there's actually not a whole more to say about this entry, even though it's the first North American home console release. The games in the DDR series are reliably consistent in terms of the gameplay (which, to be honest, doesn't change that much), and this game has some of the usual annoyances from these games. In particular, it's really annoying that you have to set the difficulty and scroll through all the songs every time you go into the main mode in order to get to the one you want, even if you just want to keep playing the same song continuously. Anyway, the difficulty can get pretty high (as in all the games), but the training mode is pretty much the same as always (i.e. pretty robust), so that definitely helps. Otherwise this is a solid DDR experience with a varied tracklisting and smooth gameplay, and you can't go wrong with even the first North American home console entry of a winning formula that has shown remarkable longevity. It's perhaps notable that this is the eleventh DDR game that I've blogged about, and that I'm looking forward to playing even more of them.

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