After getting through pretty much all the Fire Emblem Awakening DLC not too long ago, I thought it was high time to finally get through the third route of Fire Emblem Fates on 3DS. I'd played through both Birthright and Conquest soon after the games first released, but even though I've been chipping away at it I hadn't quite finished Revelation. Aside from filling in some gaps of the story which weren't really all that interesting to be honest, Revelation isn't much different from the other two games. It's designed to be sort of midway between the two in terms of the difficulty level, and the main difference in terms of the mechanics is that a lot of stages have platforms and such that move on certain turns, which means you have to time your movements accordingly, or waste turns waiting for them to get back into the right position.

Otherwise this route is what I expected, which is Fates' polished game mechanics, but with a huge cast, as it combines the entire casts of both Birthright and Conquest. I always get a kick out of seeing crossovers and the like, and it was fun seeing characters interact who wouldn't be on the same side otherwise, and I focused almost exclusively on Hoshido / Nohr pairs that wouldn't be possible in either of the other two routes. I hadn't really used the eight royal siblings (four from each country) in either of the other two routes before, so that was fun especially since they're generally much stronger than the other characters, even though the only characters they can romance from the other route are the other two royals of the opposite gender. I was able to use a good number of characters I hadn't used in my previous two playthroughs, and it was fun getting to play with them and getting to find out about their kids (most of whom I'd already gotten to know from Fire Emblem Heroes). There is one character who is exclusive to Revelation, Fuga, and I used him a lot, so much so that he was only second to his wife Corrin in terms of being the MVP (number of wins in battle).

All in all a nice finale to the first two parts, although not really all that different from them. I'd forgotten that Fates had its own set of DLC on top of Revelation, so I suppose I should tackle that before starting my next playthrough of the entire trio of routes. Once again there wasn't much opportunity for the children characters to shine in my playthrough of Revelation, let alone get married themselves, so it'll be nice to have a chance to use them more when playing through the DLC. I kind of barreled through this route in order to get through the story, so next time I'll also stop to enjoy the maps more. Whenever that is! ;)

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