Yup, it's another indie release from the Switch eShop. I actually like having all these games that are only a few hours long but that offer unique experiences, and Gris was another one of those games that was on my radar because it looked interesting and had gotten generally really positive reviews. The game's title means "Gray" in Spanish (the developers are from Spain), and the tone actually reminds me of another recent indie Switch game I've played recently, The Gardens Between. That game was a puzzle game whereas this one is a light platformer, but both of them have a similarly melancholy atmosphere. It's a bit pointless and churlish to compare the two, but I have to say that even though The Gardens Between has more unique gameplay, I would have to give Gris the edge in terms of its overall impact: it has some of the absolutely best art and sound design I've seen in any video game, let alone an indie game (this is the game you should point to if anyone ever doubts that video games are art). But both are fun games and really memorable, and I would highly recommend both.

There were occasional moments in Gris where I wasn't sure which direction to go and there were some occasionally tricky jumps and some mechanics that were a little underused, but overall it's a great experience. Gris includes a few optional challenges which I mostly didn't bother with because I wanted to see more of the game, but those do add to the replayability. As with The Gardens Between, after playing Gris I'm left impatient for the next release from its developers, Nomada Studio. Hopefully we won't have to wait long!

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