Wow, I actually played a game on physical media for once! And once again it's been about a year and a half since I've played a music dancing game. In this case, the game was Kylie Sing and Dance for Wii. Although I've played other games devoted to a single artist, I wasn't particularly big fans of them, whereas I'm definitely a big fan of the Princess of Pop. That made me look forward to playing this game much more, but I was thwarted for years because although some Wii games do play on my UK Wii on my TV in the US via an HDMI adapter, this one sadly did not. However, I finally got the opportunity to play the game on a PAL TV this past year, and all my Kylie video game dancing dreams were able to come true, haha.

I don't have a USB microphone at the moment, so I'm not able to comment on the sing part of Kylie Sing and Dance, but it seems like it's business as usual where you sing along to the music videos. The dance part is what you'd expect for the most part as well, although the fact that it's developed by a newcomer called Tubby Games and not Ubisoft does give it a different feel. The menus feel more basic as does the interface in general, and you're tossed back to the main menu every time you finish a song, which is a minor annoyance. The movement recognition is maybe slightly worse than the Ubisoft games and the combo system is very unforgiving, but chasing high scores is sort of a fruitless endeavor with all of these games anyway due to the oftentimes puzzling movement recognition -- even after repeated playthroughs of the same song I still wouldn't be able to figure out how they wanted me to hold the Wiimote for some movements, but that's par for the course.

Rather than attempt to portray the petite Ms. Minogue onscreen, the game opts for the usual anonymous dancers with blanked out features. Long-time fans such as myself will enjoy seeing some nods to some moves from actual Kylie routines, but for the most part this is the usual Just Dance type of choreography with a lot of arm movements and a fair dose of cheesiness. Apparently this is the third of three singing and dancing games that Tubby Games put out for Wii within the span of two years, and it's the one that was released the latest. I'll have to track down a copy of the first one, which is a video game version of the long-running pop music music compilation series Now That's What I Call Music , but I've already played through the middle one, Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals Sing and Dance. More on that soon, but basically if you're a Kylie fan you'll definitely enjoy Kylie Sing and Dance, and if you're not (I'll try not to look down on you) but you're a fan of dancing video games, you're likely to still enjoy it anyway.

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