In my previous post on Kylie Sing and Dance I'd mentioned that I'd already played through the developers' previous game, Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals Sing and Dance (released on Wii in September 2012). The game pretty much does exactly what you'd expect, and the two games are very similar. The main difference, aside from the obvious (i.e. the song selection), is that the game dispenses with recording your high scores altogether, which for a gamer like me is pretty annoying and as a result kills all interest in me playing through the songs more than once or twice. Andrew Lloyd Webber has such a strong catalogue that on a song selection level the game is pretty much on par with Dance on Broadway game, and both games have a similar level of cheesiness with regard to the choreography.

Once again I had to stick to the dancing side since I didn't have a USB microphone, but the game was pretty enjoyable overall despite a slightly worse presentation as the Kylie game in terms of the interface and scoring graphics. I was familiar with most of the songs and quite a few of the recordings used (mostly from West End productions I assume), although there were a few surprises. (Apparently Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote some songs for a musical adapation of The Wizard of Oz movie in 2011. Who knew?) One other unusual aspect of the game is that it includes many more dances with the male front and center. I think there was only one duet, from The Phantom of the Opera, but that wasn't a particular highlight and numbers from such classics as Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar were much more memorable. Anyway, this is a decent if almost entirely unsurprising release, and I'm sure its intended audience enjoyed it back in the day, although more serious gamers should maybe think twice about picking it up due to the lack of recording high scores.

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