I've mentioned previously that I'd gotten a PAL Wii a while back so I could play some of those regional exclusives, and a curiosity I came across along the way was the Today and Tomorrow Channel, a Wii Channel that never made it to North America. The Wii Channels ranged from useful (e.g. Weather, Wii Shop, YouTube) to mildly diverting, such as the Everybody Votes Channel, which had entertaining two-option polls that I enjoyed checking regularly, and the Check Mii Out Channel, which ran little contests where you designed and submitted Miis according to a prompt and voted for the ones you thought fit it the best.

The Today and Tomorrow Channel is pretty nonessential, even as far as Wii Channels go. You input your birthday and get astrological predictions, including an overall luck rating, ratings out of five across multiple categories (love, work, study, communications, and money), and daily suggestions for food and fun activities, and "care hints" (e.g. clean your room). You can also compare compatibility with a fellow Mii, and as its title suggests, you can choose to get predictions for the current day or the following day.

It's all very simple and basic, both in terms of its presentation and its features. Maybe astrology enthusiasts will get more out of this, but for the rest of us, this app is not much more than a funny little piece of Nintendo history and not worth a daily check-in. I'm glad I got to try it out, though.

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