Second video game mix for the site. Still no theme, although this time around I did get to include tracks from some of my favorite series, inc. Metroid, Fire Emblem and Pokemon. I also got to include some tracks from Galactic Pinball, a great soundtrack, but a little known game. I'm not one for dwelling too much on the holidays, but I included "Chill" from Dr. Mario and the wintry version of "You're the Inspiration" from Elite Beat Agents (I used a version that has someone playing, because it's just not the same without it). Thanks for checking this out, and happy listening!

Download as single mp3 (~51 minutes) here.

All mp3s of individual tracks available to download, with the exception of the track from VVVVVV, which you can buy from the Bandcamp page here, and Josiah McDaniel's Zelda lyric cover, which he hasn't posted on his Bandcamp page yet, but I imagine he will at some point.

If you have a minute, filling out this four question survey would be super helpful. You can use the same link to send in your song requests!