My first video game mix for the site. As usual, the focus is on Nintendo stuff, but otherwise nothing too unusual and no talking, just some old favorites along with some more recent ones (and a couple of more-obscure tracks for fun). I included a couple nods to recent games (the new Paper Mario game and Chase: Cold Case Investigations), and a couple of spooky tracks for Halloween. There are so many great tracks and video game composers and soundtrack that deserve representation I couldn't squeeze into this one, but I had a lot of fun doing this so hopefully it won't be too long before I put together the next one! Thanks for checking this out, and happy listening!

Download as single mp3 (~51 minutes) here.

All mp3s of individual tracks available to download, with the exception of Smooth McGroove's, which you can buy from his Bandcamp page here, and the LostWinds track (you can buy the soundtrack on Amazon, as well as iTunes and other locations online).

If you have a minute, filling out this four question survey would be super helpful. You can use the same link to send in your song requests!