Another Sega game? Yes, indeed, and I actually played it during the same gaming session as the game I played in my previous post, Golden Axe. I'm not that acquainted with Sega games in general, so I'd never heard of World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck for Sega Genesis, and had been only vaguely aware of its predecessor, Castle of Illusion. The game is a co-op platformer, and, as you'd expect, the animation is top-notch. It's geared for younger players so it has unlimited continues as well as a password system, but the game is enjoyable due to the great graphics and varied locales.

As was usual for these earlier video games, World of Illusion goes beyond just being a basic platformer using a licensed property as is expected nowadays. Along with solid gameplay and a decent number of stages, it provides different stages or variations on stages based on if you're playing with Mickey solo or Donald solo, or if you're playing co-op. The co-op isn't completely mindless and we did end up having to use some continues, and it was pretty much consistently fun. (Although the mechanic whereby one player gets propelled to a higher platform via a seesaw and then has to use a rope to pull the other player up slows things down and gets tedious.) Also, the boss fights tend to be over before they've really begun. There are a number of fun cameos from classic Disney films such as Alice in Wonderland, although I'm sure more obsessed Disney fans would be able to catch more than I did. All in all this was a pleasant surprise and quite enjoyable, so much so that I would actually rank it pretty high amongst the platformers that I've played in a good while. I'll have to replay it solo at some point to see how my first impression stands up, but playing this game does make me want to check out the other classic Disney video games, which I've mostly ignored up to now.

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