Another game revisit. I'm kind of an obsessive person in general, and I've been playing Nintendo Badge Arcade daily (with only a handful of exceptions) since it came out. I blogged about it three years ago, and at that time I'd gotten about 175 badges with about 7 completed sets. I hit a milestone a few months ago of 5000 badges (!), and so I thought it would be a good time to take another look at the game.

The game's premise is pretty simple (earn icons across Nintendo and some third-party franchises to decorate your 3DS's home screen with), and although it's set up to get you to spend money, you can still earn plenty of badges without spending any money. It's a great feature for fans of many Nintendo franchises and for people who still play their 3DS at all. A while back they opened up the game so that you would get two free chances a day, and this on top of the already daily free credit (earned by playing a "practice" game with five credits) made it so that you could accrue quite a good collection without dropping a dime. That daily free credit often (maybe once or twice a week) is actually two credits, and once or twice every two weeks you'll also earn a super bonus, which is another three free credits. So if you get lucky you could get as many six credits for free in one day. The game balances out this apparent generosity by not giving you the free credits from the practice game until after you've used up the two daily free credits. This is sub-optimal because you don't know if you should try for one of the sets that will require a full five credits, or play it safe and try for one of the sets that you can finish in two groups of three, or the like.

Anyway, the game is still a lot of fun regardless, and I've pretty much at least started every set. Although I don't actually spend as much time using the badges for decorating my 3DS home screen as I should, I've liked the game enough to drop some real money on it and collect some of the themes you get by spending $2 at a time. I breathed a sigh of relief when I'd collected all the Fire Emblem and Nintendo Remix (i.e. classic NES) badges, and I've completed a couple of other collections as well. One frustration is that some of the limited time holiday badges haven't made a reappearance since the game switched to providing two free daily credits, but although I had lost hope, they've recently brought back some catchers that had been gone for ages, namely the Monster Hunter and I think some of the Mega Man catchers. This has renewed my hope that eventually they'll bring back some of the other long-gone catchers as well. I'm a little worried about when the game finally closes its doors, as I'm definitely going to have to pony up some real money to finish off the last of a few sets I want to complete (mostly the Zelda sets, but also a few others like the Rhythm Heaven and WarioWare sets), but hopefully that won't be for a little while longer.

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